The uprising of E-Sports and what it means for competitive gaming

21 Mar



The rise in popularity over the last few years in respect to competitive gaming or e-sports as its becoming commonly known is quite amazing. When you sit down and watch a football game you can hear the cheer of the crowd, possibly some commentary in a set of headphones tuned to the radio with all the excitement and atmosphere that goes along with that. Competitive gaming is the next frontier of sports, and boy has it changed.

I remember about 5-6 years ago competitive gaming was very ‘underground’ and not many people really knew all that much about it. Back in 2004 I actually went to compete at the world cyber games qualifiers held in Melbourne playing Warcraft 3, I didn’t do too badly but not well enough to advance but back then there were a few major sponsors of the event but not a very big turn out of…

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